We Electrify Classic Land Rovers Landcruiser or Mustangs

We Electrify Classic Land Rovers, Landcruisers or Mustangs

Defenders, Range Rovers & Discovery  to Landcruiser or Mustangs

We are Volta Autos Electric Car, UTE or Truck  converters to EV

We Re-engineer and re-purpose the technology found in today's electric vehicles and apply it to Classic Land Rover defenders, Range Rover, Land Rover Discovery, Toyota Landcruiser Mustang  or an older series as well , we can decarbonize your loved vehicles. What results are Land Rovers -Mustangs you know and love, but redefined underneath the bonnet, now sustainable, capable, and exciting in a society shifting towards emission-free driving by reducing your carbon footprint.

Enquire today  call  Colin +64-  022 646 3197 or  Carl the Electrical  Engineer +64-  021 865 158

Our Engineers put 1000's of hours into refining our range of electric  Land Rover conversion system, by Focusing our research and development on defenders  and Range Rover classics were been able to perfect a solution for any requirement.  Whether its a 300 horsepower , long-range Defender  or a series 2a  to pop to the shops in, if you can imagine it we can build it. Full conversion from $55,000

What is an electric vehicle conversion?

A electric vehicle conversion is the process of replacing the ICE powertrain in a vehicle from fuel ( petrol or Diesel)  to electricity. So an Internal combustion Engine " ICE "  which is run on petrol or diesel is replaced with an electric motor and batteries, resulting in a fully-electric vehicle.

Can I convert my classic car, ute or truck  to electric?

Not only can you convert your classic vehicle to electric, we highly recommend it!, By applying modern EV Technology to vintage vehicle you know and love, you'll  extend  your vehicles useful lifespan by decades. You will enjoy sustainable, green CO2 Free driving in a vehicle you are familiar with.

Can your vehicle be converted to electric

Although we specialize in Land Rover , Toyotas and Mustangs we will also convert other classic vehicles and will consider most project except the conversion of modern vehicles although its possible but more tricky due to modern  vehicle electronics .

How much does and electric vehicle cost:

The cost of an electric conversion will vary depending on the exact specification that you require, the  biggest cost variants are power and range

With 100s of hour spent on converting Land Rover and Toyota Landcruiser or Mustangs, means we have refined or product into a repeatable EV  Conversion kit, which means the cost is reduced per conversion drastically! In fact we offer the cheapest  Land Rover or Toyota Landcruiser, Mustang  Ev Conversion option in the Western World Guaranteed.

Call +64 022 6463197  today or email  Colin@Voltanz.autos  for pricing, Land Rover from NZ$55,000 We can handle conversion from Australia,UK , Europe and the USA  also and You Save

Should you convert a classic Vehicle to Electric?

We Believe converting a classic vehicle or Land Rover to electric is worth the effort.

Firstly  you can enjoy guilt-free driving, knowing that your treasured vehicle is no longer contributing to harmful emissions- global warming revert time to drive it up to the shops or around the farm or your country. Its not the problem but the solution to global warming.

But also, your classic vehicle will get a whole new lease of life. Classic vehicles and lovely Defenders deserve to be seen and all to often, owners store their heritage motors away for fear of devaluing them, With an electric powertrain, not only will you get a Vehicle that is better able to cope with the demands of modern roadways, but it will certainly also increase in value.


PS Also we will look at any vehicle  conversion projects including boats  nothing is too big  Call  Colin today +64- 022 646 3197

















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