The NZ Electric Conversion Project- EVCP

The NZ  Electric  Vehicle Conversion Project : (EVCP) starting early 2024:

The objective of the  EVCP project is to produce vehicles that are twice as environmentally friendly as today’s electric vehicles. 

As a New BEV(ie Tesla 3)  uses a staggering 26 Tonnes of CO2  before it even leaves the factory according to research done by UK classic car insurer Footman James!

Volta Autos  Electrification and remanufacture of used vehicles to better than their original state: 

Most will be work vehicles (ie Toyota Hilux &  Ford Ranger  Utes  ) also Camper vans and  some classic Cars(American classic) the final customers will generally be fleet owners ie local Government, work vehicles( for trades), private owners and farmers

In addition, the investment will create skilled local jobs, technology, and a cleaner environment:

Management Team:

Carl van den Heuvel  Senior Auto Electrician and mechanical engineer:

Carl as chief Engineer manages the electrical and mechanical engineering projects.  Carl is a Mechanical &  Electrical Engineer, with 28 years of expertise in mechanical projects including cars, trucks Utes, and tractors: Carl has a  passion for cars and sustainable energies:

Colin Middleton  CEO Co-Founder:

An accountant with 40 years of experience in accounting, finance, and business Colin has a passion for cars and sustainable energies and has a broad industry experience as an accountant and business owner, and brings to the business valuable experience to lead the team.

George Marr Chairman

George Co-Founder career includes as a pilot simulator instructor for Eastern Airlines and also as a manager of electrical equipment suppliers Henlen Distributors and Utilux . Also George Co-founded in 1983 AMES Trust a software training school in Central  Auckland. George is passionate about sustainable energies particularly batteries and hydrogen.


EVCP project

The project is divided in three phases.

The first is the prototype design &  development.

The second is a pre-series production where we lend prototypes to select clients at cost  for testing and further development:

the third is the serial production of these vehicles:

Volta Autos will retrofits used vehicles(Toyota  Hilux  and Ford Ranger Utes) and some Cars (American classic cars ) and convert them to 100% electric.

This project is in line with the long-term strategic planning of the New Zealand Government regarding climate change.

The EVCP Project is based on five premises

Electric Conversion

•To cut operational costs and direct emissions

•Reduce CO2 emission (EV are zero emission)  Creating a better world of mobility and responsibility:

•ECOnomic and ECOlogical (lower price/lower cost/lower maintenance/lower CO2)

•Reduce fuel and maintenance costs

Saving of  a minimum of  $4,500 per vehicle annually by switching your UTE  to Volta's  EV  Ute or Classic car (America muscle cars)


Electric conversion parts:


Remanufacturing Cars

 Remanufactured cars are environmentally friendly

Remanufacturing is an industrial process that restores end-of-life goods to their original working condition. The re-manufacturing sector includes aerospace, consumer products, electrical apparatus, heavy-duty and off-road equipment, information technology products, locomotives, machinery, medical devices, motor vehicle, office furniture.

• The costs of a remanufactured car is half of a new one with the same reliability

• Reduce CO2 - Manufacturing is half of total emissions:

• Correct waste use and/or disposal (Scrap Yard mix everything)

Small UTES or Pick-Up Trucks

UTES/Pickup trucks are a very important niche for fleets and very popular in New Zealand with over 900,000 in use.

• Big pickup trucks(UTES) are strong and safe but usually oversized (big polluters).

• These vehicles are very expensive to convert into electricity.

 Fleets resized with small pickup trucks where a big is not necessary.

• Smaller vehicles -> – CO2 production / – Particles (brake/tire wear).

• Economic and ecological gains and leveraging the local industry:

vehicles is bought by reason not by passion. 

• Focus on cost. 

 Reduce fuel and maintenance costs.

SAVing of at least  $4,500 per vehicle annually by switching your UTE to Volta's EV  "UTE "( Pick up truck)

• Reliable product (less time lost for repairs)

Positive Impact:

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