Conversion of Utes ,Cars,Vans, Trucks & Buses to Electric:

Accelerate your transition to renewables and make a real difference.

The Voltas  EV Fleet Program is designed to help individuals,  businesses and government fleets transition their light commercial utes to electric. Conversions are currently available on Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger, Land Rover  with reservations open now.


Conversion of  Utes, Vans, Trucks, Buses to Electric (Electrification Projects) starts 2024 onwards

Volta Autos produces electrified powertrain systems that can augment or fully replace traditional diesel and petrol-fueled powertrains. Volta Autos are designed to improve performance and lower total cost of ownership while leveraging the existing alternative fuel infrastructure


First project:2023-24

Toyota Hilux  Ute Electrification Project Mid 2023-24  with the U.S.A made  "Netgain Hyper9 IS SRIPM Electric Motor"

completion date Mid 2024


Volta Autos technology tackles one of the biggest pain-points for the logistics and transportation industry: how to lower emissions without having to fully replace all existing assets and infrastructure – a move that is cost-prohibitive for many companies.

The Volta's Electrification solution transforms existing fleets and delivers the desired efficiency impact: zero or even negative emissions with significantly reduced operating costs over time.

Also its much better for the environment as a New BEV(ie Tesla)  uses a staggering 26 Tonnes of CO2  before it even leaves the factory according to research done by UK classic car insurer Footman James!


Also as well as UTES we can electrify  Motor Campers please enquire now ph Colin 022 646 3197


The Hybrids Trucks project: 2025-27

In association with U.S.A based hybrid truck manufacturer

We plan to use the Volta Hybrid solution technology from 2024-25, designed for Class 8 diesel commercial trucks, why provides huge fuel savings and performance improvements via Volta battery-powered electric hybrid powertrain, which also includes a built-in auxiliary power unit, or APU, capability.

Combined with a proprietary software, this comprehensive solution enables fleets to maximize operational performance and advance their ESG goals.*

Free from being dependent on sparse semi-truck charging infrastructure, Volta will provides an electric hybrid powertrain that captures energy as it drives, providing battery electric benefits for fleets to adopt today, not years from now.

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Volta Automotive Group NZ.

NZ Custom Conversions of ICE vehicles to Electric Vehicles (EV's): Cars, Trucks , ATV's. Converting Toyota & Ford- Utes, Porsche, Land Rover & also diesel trucks. We are based in the Waikato. .

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