Volta Automotive Group- New Zealand!  "Powering the shift to Electric"

With Industry-Leading Electric Vehicle Solutions from Volta Autos, our  team can simplify your transition to clean, quiet & cheaper transportation.

Volta Autos Electrify's Utes, Vans and Trucks across New Zealand.

We convert your fleet to electric, to lower your organization's carbon footprint and reduce running costs ( Reducing your Fuel Costs by many thousands a year).

EV's  have a Energy Cost Savings of  between 70% to 92% "based on an Australian study"


"Custom conversions  of  used  ICE  vehicles to Electric vehicles "EVs" or "BEV"

"New Zealand's  Custom Electrification specialists" for   Toyota Hilux & Ford Ranger  UTES, Camper Vans, Trucks  & Buses.

Which Includes:   Trucks, Utes,  SUVs,  ATVs,Vans, Camper vans  & Classic Cars 

We are the New Zealand distributor of   Netgain EV motors, the world's leading  USA Made EV motors  for conversions

As well we  import and supply  Li-ion ,   LiFePO4 battery packs:  and shortly Solid  State Battery ( Li-Metal)  coming soon:

Also we are import specialist New parts &  EV Kits  - Factory Five vehicle kits, for trucks, Utes, and cars, your one-stop EV Conversion stop:

Volta Autos supplies electrified powertrain systems that can augment or fully replace traditional petrol or diesel - fueled powertrains. Volta Autos Customs electrification is designed to improve performance and lower total cost of ownership while leveraging the existing alternative fuel infrastructure.


Call  Colin or Carl to discuss your electrification project today:  NZ   0800 400 900 or  Colin  022 646 3197


Vehicles. People. Our Planet.

Volta Autos is an environmentally friendly workplace.

We care a lot about vehicles, our passion! But we also care a lot about people, our community, and our planet. Driving in a vehicle  does not have to be contrary to responsibility and sustainable living.

That is why we follow strict procedures and clean technologies to do the dirty work as clean as possible, with the aim of ensuring the satisfaction of our customers and protecting the environment for future generations in New Zealand.

In addition to being Eco-friendly at Volta Automotive, we also innovate through a Prototype Development Project to Convert Gasoline Cars into Electric vehicles, to be approved for series production and aimed at commercial and public fleet owners.

The Goal of the EVRC project is to produce vehicles that are twice as environmentally friendly as today’s electric vehicles(BEV's) as a New BEV(ie Tesla)  uses a staggering 26 Tonnes of CO2  before it even leaves the factory according to research done by UK classic car insurer Footman James!

If you are interested please contact  colin@voltanz.autos

About Us

Volta Automotive Group NZ.

NZ Custom Conversions of ICE vehicles to Electric Vehicles (EV's): Cars, Trucks , ATV's. Converting Toyota & Ford- Utes, Porsche, Land Rover & also diesel trucks. We are based in the Waikato. .

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